Package Units

Sepand Tahvieh air conditioning packaged units are available in capacities from 5 to 80 and 1600 to 35000 CFM and are offered in two types of air cooled and water cooled, which the configuration can be horizontal and up blast discharge and horizontal or vertical configuration and in air cooled type split or integrate models in both types.

Direct expansion coils are manufactured of copper tubes, aluminum or copper fin, plate from 8 fins per inch to 14 fins per inch , also heating system are available in electrical elements , hot water and steam.

Closed Control Units

Sepand Tahvieh down flow packaged units are designed in 5, 7.5, 10, 20 and 25 tons of refrigeration. The evaporator coils (DX) is designed in 3/8″ OD copper tubes and aluminum finned 12 or 14 fins per inch for high efficiency.

This package units by using of micro processor can control accurate temperature and humidity and is used for sensitive centers to climatic conditions as telecommunication and computer centers.

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