Air Handling Unit

Sepand Tahvieh air handling units are available in 10 models in air flow rates of 2000 to 56000 CFM up to 6″ w.g static pressure in single or multi zone type. They are offered in configurations of horizontal or vertical.

Blowers are forward or backward curved double inlet centrifugal type.

Cooling coli may consist chilled water or DX type. Heating coils may consist hot water, steam or electrical type.

DX coil are constructed of 5/8″ OD copper tubes with herringbone fins (8 to 14 FPI)

Heating coils are constructed of 5/8” OD copper tubes with herringbone wavy fins (8 to 14 FPI)

Air washers are supply in 3 class 4 , 6 , 8 The units are also available from stainless steel by order of customer.

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